Why Use a Cheap Wedding Photographer?


Benefits of using a Cheap Wedding Photographer!


So, why should you consider using a Cheap Wedding Photographer, rather than a more expensive alternative? The list is almost infinite, but if you wanted some of the more common benefits of using a cheap wedding photographer, then keep reading! We know weddings are expensive, but we believe that great wedding photos should still be obtainable, even if you are on a budget.

 Why Use a Cheap Wedding Photographer?

  1. Saves Money – Obvious, but important! Using a Cheap Wedding Photographer can save you a significant amount of money, which can be used elsewhere – a longer honeymoon, more guests or maybe it will ensure you stay within budget.
  2. Another benefit of saving money with a Budget Wedding Photographer is that you can consider adding a second shooter – although rare, equipment failure can happen to any photographer, and as such most wedding photographers would suggest a second shooter. It also means double the number of photographers, and thus double the photos! Our second shooters start at just £60!
  3. Don’t pay for unwanted extras – With the Cheap Wedding Photographers, you only pay for what you want! You customise a package to fit your budget and requirements, saving you money on unwanted and often expensive extras. We provide a printed disc with all of your digitally retouched images, so you are free to print or reproduce them as you desire.
  4. Professional Equipment – Cheap Wedding Photography must mean Cheap Equipment, right? Wrong! Our Equipment is the same, and often superior to a lot of more expensive Professional Wedding Photographers. We use high end Canon DSLR’s with L series Lenses.
  5. Digital Retouching – Just because we don’t charge as much, doesn’t mean we do not produce world class wedding photography! All of your images will be professionally retouched to ensure they look great.
  6. Add some fun to your wedding – Why not use the money you have saved by booking a Cheap Wedding Photographer, and Hire a Photo Booth! Photo Booth Hire is a great way to capture your guests goofing around. We have negotiate a great deal with a partner company to offer cheap photo booth hire – contact us for more information!




Why are we able to offer our photography services at a cheaper rate?

The reason is simple – it isnt because we use inferior equipment, nor are we any less qualified and capable of producing stunning wedding photography, the reason our photography is cheaper is because our photographers work throughout the week shooting events, and thus don’t have to rely solely on one wedding per week to sustain their income! As such, the savings are passed directly on to you! If you want stunning wedding images, without the price tag, Cheap Wedding Photographers can help!


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