Tips for a Budget Wedding

Tips for a Budget Wedding

Tips for a Budget Wedding –


Weddings can be expensive, but they don’t have to be, so here are a few tips for a Budget Wedding:

DJ Hire – A good wedding DJ can ensure everyone gets onto the dance floor, but they come at a cost. If you are on a tight budget, why not consider your trusty iPod to deliver the tunes on your big night? Most venues have a decent sound system that you can plug in your smartphone, computer or tablet. Compile a playlist of your favourite music, as well as some classic party starters, and enjoy the savings! If your venue doesn’t have a suitable PA System, why not hire some powered speakers for the evening – you can often rent a decent kit for under £100.

Sit Down Meal VS Finger Food Buffet – Having a sit down 3 course meal may seem ideal, but it does come at a price. If you are on a tight budget, you can save pounds with a buffet style banquet. And the best part is, guest can choose what they want and don’t want on their plates.

Hire a Photo Booth – Whilst it may not seem like a great money saving idea, but hiring a professional photo booth can take care of both your entertainment and wedding favours. A photo booth is also a great way of extending your photography coverage, and they make fantastic guest books. The best way to snap up a bargain is to hunt around for a cheap photo booth hire deal.

The Bar – Without a doubt, one of the easiest budget wedding tips is to save money. By reducing (or cutting out completely) the money on your open bar, you will instantly save money. It is your special day, so do not feel bad if your guests have to buy themselves a few drinks. If a bar is a must, then try and stick to beer and wine to keep costs down. For special guests, you can usually have special wristbands which allows them to have spirits as well.

Wedding Photography – Pricey Pro or Amateur Uncle? How important are photos to you. To some brides and grooms, it is worth spending thousands, but to others they are happy to get the family hobbyist to give it a try. If you are in the middle, and would like nice professional wedding photography, without the price tag, consider the Cheap Wedding Photographers. We can provide budget wedding photography in London and throughout the UK.

Time of the year – A white wedding may not only look spectacular, but could also save you a small fortune on venue hire. It may not be for everyone, but getting married in the colder months can certainly save you some money. There is less demand during these months, and thus many venues offer great discounts on their packages to entice you to book their services. Another option is to have a midweek wedding (although beware that not all of your guests may be able to attend).

Wishing Wells – Although maybe not directly saving you money, a wishing well can help repay some of the costs of your wedding. They have become the acceptable method for asking for monetary gifts, as opposed to a more traditional wedding registry. You can either make your own wishing well, or hire one for less than £40.

If you think of any other Tips for a Budget Wedding, we would love to hear them. Please comment below.