Signs of a Good Cheap Wedding Photographer

Signs of a Good Cheap Wedding Photographer

There are many great wedding photographers throughout the UK, with a diverse range of styles and packages. If you do go down the path of choosing an affordable wedding photographer, it is important that they have these Good Cheap Wedding Photographerwedding photography essentials:Good Cheap Wedding Photographers

Portfolio – It is essential that you see each photographers past work to determine whether their unique style is what you are looking for. You can determine a lot from a wedding photographer’s portfolio, so ensure you review them! Also, look for a numerous couples within each portfolio, as this will show that they have shot multiple weddings.

Backup Equipment – Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer is pointless if their equipment fails, and they don’t carry a backup kit. Although it should be very unlikely with modern digital cameras, equipment failure is possible, and your photographer should be prepared. It takes no time to ask, and most good cheap wedding photographers do carry backup cameras and lenses, but ensure you check.

Punctuality – Feel free to ask how long before the photographer will arrive before the start time. An essential ingredient of a good cheap wedding photographer is that they will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your nominated start time. This allows for them to set up cameras, test lighting, and also permits for unexpected traffic.

Testimonials – A good cheap wedding photographer will most likely have a few testimonials from past clients. It is always a good idea to have a read of these, and review their feedback. Don’t worry if they don’t have too many testimonials, as this may only mean that they haven’t requested them from clients.

Engagement Shoots – If you find an affordable photographer who offers engagement photo shoots, this is often a sign of a good cheap wedding photographer, and provides the perfect opportunity .

Professional vs Cowboy – Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a wedding photographer who isn’t passionate about photography. There are a number of disadvantages, including slow response times to emails and phone calls, and often a much longer wait to receive your images (or potentially never receiving your images). A good cheap wedding photographer will always be a professional photographer, who loves taking photos and delivering their best work, whilst also providing the above points.

Whether you are choosing an expensive wedding photographer, or perhaps a cheaper wedding photographer, it is always important to consider these essential tips.

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