Benefits of hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer

Benefits of hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer

It is a well-documented fact that Weddings are not cheap, with the total wedding price in the UK averaging more than £20,000. With all of the expenses, from rings to venues, and maybe even photo booth hire, it would be great to reduce your total costs. That is where hiring an affordable Wedding Photographer can be beneficial!

Choosing an affordable wedding photographer is one of the greatest ways of saving you money, but it is still important to consider more than just a photographers price. Before settling on a budget wedding photographer, we recommend you review this article detailing ‘signs of a good cheap wedding photographer’.

Below we explore some of the Benefits of Hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer:

Saves Money

This is obvious, but probably the greatest benefit of hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer. Having more money available in your wedding budget may mean a longer honeymoon, or perhaps you can finally afford the photo booth you always wanted.

Family and Friends

Although we definitely don’t recommend relying solely on Family and Friends for photos, they can be a great asset to increase the number of photos you receive for the day. A budget wedding photographer can often provide a shorter (and cheaper) package, allowing you to capture professional photos of the most important parts of the ceremony and reception. After the professional wedding photographer has finished, your guests can act as your photographer, with the affordability of DSLR’s and camera’s integrated into phones, you are sure to get a great collection of images. Create a DropBox, or something similar, where your guests can upload all of their photos of your big day.


Photographers are creative, and thus enter the art field of photography. Reviewing a photographers portfolio will give you an understanding of their unique style, and whether you would like their creative eye to capture your wedding.

Disc of Images

One of the unexpected benefits of using a cheap wedding photographer is that they commonly provide you with a digital copy of your images. Then you are free to distribute, publish and print these images as you please.


Another prominent benefit of choosing a budget wedding photographer is their equipment. A budget wedding photographer should have a professional DSLR and high-end lenses, which will undoubtedly produce better photos than entry level DSLR’s and Point-and-Shoot cameras. This is extremely beneficial if you decided to buy enlargements, or perhaps create a canvas from your wedding photos.

There are many benefits to hiring a cheap wedding photographer, beyond what we have listed here, but remember to do your research to ensure you choose the best wedding photographer for you. Find a great wedding photographer now – Request a Quote.