5 Tips to ensure you have chosen the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

5 Tips to ensure you have chosen the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are likely to be one of your most cherished keepsakes from your big day, so ensure you choose the Best Wedding Photographer for your wedding with these essential tips.

1. Portfolio. No two Wedding Photographers are alike, so reviewing each potential photographers portfolio is imperative! You may be looking for a professional wedding photographer with an artistic flair, or perhaps require the traditional coverage or even down the middle with a contemporary wedding photographer, so work out what types of photographs you would like, and find a photographer who can deliver a similar style.

2. Location. It is not always possible to find the perfect wedding photographer locally, and as such you may need to consider venturing further afield. Unfortunately, this can far too often lead to complications, with unforeseen events causing the photographer to be late. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t choose your favourite wedding photographer just because they are 3+ hours away! Perhaps consider

3. Packages vs Photos. Nowadays, couples have a wealth of choice when tailoring their ideal wedding photography requirements. Some couples may only require digital photo files, and endeavour to let their creativity run wild, make their own wedding album, or use an affordable photo lab to create enlargements and canvases. Other couples may want to whole package, including prints, wedding album, parent albums, enlargements, engagement shoots, etc. It is important to work out your desired package and requirements, and ensure that your photographer can deliver your wedding photography package.

Choose the Best Wedding Photographer your Requirements


4. Personality. Finding a photographer that you work well with is particularly important if you are opting for a long or all day coverage period. Most wedding photographers are happy to meet and talk with you prior to committing to booking. Why not consider an Engagement Shoot, and trial working with the photographer.

5. Budget. This may sound obvious, but you should try to choose a wedding photographer within your allocated wedding photography budget.

Best Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

If you are currently searching for your perfect wedding photographer, why not take advantage of our free “Request a Quote” service, and start receiving tailored quotes from the best local wedding photographers. Although there are a number of other important factors to consider when finding the best wedding photographer for your wedding, if you follow these 5 simple tips, you will be well on your way to achieving your desired wedding photography