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Welcome to the Cheap Wedding Photographers. Our Professional Wedding Photographers provide the leading budget wedding photography throughout the UK. With tailored packages, and high quality images, you can obtain your perfect wedding photographer on a budget.

The Cheap Wedding Photographers can provide Wedding Photography Packages from  as little as £200 and Wedding Photography Prices are as low as £50 per hour. Our affordable wedding photography services provide flexibility, as well as offering a reliable and trusted photography service. No longer do you have to pay for all day wedding coverage, when you would only like the photographer to attend for a few hours, thanks to bespoke quotes, and ability to build the perfect budget wedding photography package to suit your requirements. Only pay for what you require – whether that be a wedding album or an engagement wedding shoot, or even a second shooter. You can also extend your photo coverage with a cheap photo booth.

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Our Cheap Wedding Photography is simple, straightforward and trusted by thousands of couples throughout the UK. Our Photographers are trained professionals, who combine skill and high end equipment to deliver exceptional results. For all of your Wedding & Civil Partnership Wedding Photography requirements, look no further than the Cheap Wedding Photographers to deliver exceptional results, with a reasonable price tag!

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Benefits of hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer

It is a well-documented fact that Weddings are not cheap, with the total wedding price in the UK averaging more than £20,000. With all of the expenses, from rings to venues, and maybe even photo booth hire, it would be great to reduce your total costs. That is where hiring an affordable Wedding Photographer can be beneficial! Choosing an affordable wedding photographer is one of the greatest ways of saving you money, but it is still important to consider more than just a photographers price. Before settling on a budget wedding photographer, we recommend you review this article detailing ‘signs of a good cheap wedding photographer’. Below we explore some of the Benefits of Hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer: Saves Money This is obvious, but probably the greatest benefit of hiring a Budget Wedding Photographer. Having more money available in your wedding budget may mean a longer honeymoon, or perhaps you can finally afford the photo booth you always wanted. Family and Friends Although we definitely don’t recommend relying solely on Family and Friends for photos, they can be a great asset to increase the number of photos you receive for the day. A budget wedding photographer can often provide a shorter (and cheaper) package, allowing you to capture professional photos of the most important parts of the ceremony and reception. After the professional wedding photographer has finished, your guests can act as your photographer, with the affordability of DSLR’s and camera’s integrated into phones, you are sure to get a great collection of images. Create a DropBox, or something similar, where your guests can upload all of their...

Signs of a Good Cheap Wedding Photographer

There are many great wedding photographers throughout the UK, with a diverse range of styles and packages. If you do go down the path of choosing an affordable wedding photographer, it is important that they have these wedding photography essentials: Portfolio – It is essential that you see each photographers past work to determine whether their unique style is what you are looking for. You can determine a lot from a wedding photographer’s portfolio, so ensure you review them! Also, look for a numerous couples within each portfolio, as this will show that they have shot multiple weddings. Backup Equipment – Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer is pointless if their equipment fails, and they don’t carry a backup kit. Although it should be very unlikely with modern digital cameras, equipment failure is possible, and your photographer should be prepared. It takes no time to ask, and most good cheap wedding photographers do carry backup cameras and lenses, but ensure you check. Punctuality – Feel free to ask how long before the photographer will arrive before the start time. An essential ingredient of a good cheap wedding photographer is that they will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your nominated start time. This allows for them to set up cameras, test lighting, and also permits for unexpected traffic. Testimonials – A good cheap wedding photographer will most likely have a few testimonials from past clients. It is always a good idea to have a read of these, and review their feedback. Don’t worry if they don’t have too many testimonials, as this may only mean that they haven’t requested...

5 Tips to ensure you have chosen the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer Your wedding photos are likely to be one of your most cherished keepsakes from your big day, so ensure you choose the Best Wedding Photographer for your wedding with these essential tips. 1. Portfolio. No two Wedding Photographers are alike, so reviewing each potential photographers portfolio is imperative! You may be looking for a professional wedding photographer with an artistic flair, or perhaps require the traditional coverage or even down the middle with a contemporary wedding photographer, so work out what types of photographs you would like, and find a photographer who can deliver a similar style. 2. Location. It is not always possible to find the perfect wedding photographer locally, and as such you may need to consider venturing further afield. Unfortunately, this can far too often lead to complications, with unforeseen events causing the photographer to be late. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t choose your favourite wedding photographer just because they are 3+ hours away! Perhaps consider 3. Packages vs Photos. Nowadays, couples have a wealth of choice when tailoring their ideal wedding photography requirements. Some couples may only require digital photo files, and endeavour to let their creativity run wild, make their own wedding album, or use an affordable photo lab to create enlargements and canvases. Other couples may want to whole package, including prints, wedding album, parent albums, enlargements, engagement shoots, etc. It is important to work out your desired package and requirements, and ensure that your photographer can deliver your wedding photography package. Choose the Best Wedding Photographer your Requirements   4. Personality. Finding a photographer that you work...
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“Yesterday we looked at all the photos and absolutely loved them! They are wonderful and I think they reflect the happiness of the day very well. Thank you so much for them.” Sam & Tanya, Greenwich

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The Cheap Wedding Photographers provide the leading professional budget wedding photography throughout the UK

Affordable Wedding Photography in England

Find a professional affordable wedding photographer in England. Hiring an affordable wedding photographer does not mean a compromise in quality, with photographers using high-end equipment and creativity to deliver photos you are sure to cherish for years to come. To find out more, visit Cheap Wedding Photography in England

Affordable Wedding Photography in Scotland

There are a number of budget wedding photographers in Scotland, so make sure you are receiving the best. Professional, reliable and affordable wedding photographers throughout Scotland. To find out more, visit Cheap Wedding Photographer in Scotland

Affordable Wedding Photography in Wales

Let us help you find the perfect budget wedding photographer in Wales for your big day. With a range of styles and packages, you are sure to find a complete photographic solution for your big day. To find out more, visit Cheap Wedding Photographers in Wales

Affordable Wedding Photography in Northern Ireland

Opting for a cheap wedding photographer in Northern Ireland can help save a significant amount from your wedding budget. With a professional wedding photographer, you are sure to create capture the love and happiness of your big day. To find out more, visit Cheap Wedding Photographers in Northern Ireland

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